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 Samso Energy Agency

Samso Energy Agency
Strandengen 1
8305 Samso
tel: +45 87921015
fax : + 45 87921070
Manager: Mr. Jens Peter Nielsen 
Samso is a role model for RE development.
One of the main objectives is to fulfil the ambitions of the 100% RE island development. The aim is also to become an energy academy; a meeting place for universities and companies; a training and education place for energy administrators and managers from the region. Finally to transform transport to RE as far as it possibly can be done with present technological development and use of hydrogen technology.
Areas of expertise: Samso is an area of expertise in changing citizens behaviour, dissemination of information and local organisation. Ownership models and public participation is important as well. Tecnology is wind, biomass and solar thermal. Energy savings is insulations, windows, ventilation.
The agency will meet private people in their homes; energy managers in institutes, organisations and public buildings; car manufactors and producers of fuel cell tecnology; children from schools and students from the universities.