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 What can ISLENET do for you?

ISLENET helps members set up energy and environmental projects thanks to its knowledge of national and EU programmes and through an extensive network and pooling of knowledge developed by island authorities.
The creation, for example, of local and regional energy agencies has had an important effect on the development of energy management projects in islands. More than 20 agencies already exist, 15 of which were created within the framework of EU programmes (SAVE II) and with the help of ISLENET.
ISLENET diffuses information on a wide range of insular issues concerning energy and the environment by regular e-mail bulletins, a newsletter, its own website and via ISLENET meetings and events. Topics include legislation (energy, environment, regional policy, transport, SMEs), calls for proposals, publications, conferences, research and development projects and best practice technology.
ISLENET presents the islands' point of view. It acts, where appropriate, as a channel of communication between Island Authorities and the Institutions and Member States of the European Union on matters concerning EU energy and environmental policy. Position papers and reports are proposed to European Institutions in response to EU legislation. Given the problems resulting from the peripheral nature of islands and their insularity, coordination of activities is of paramount importance. Coordinated actions improve awareness of island issues within the European Institutions and help strengthen their voice in the European Union.